*Please take note of the highlighted amendment to our rules.



  1. Photos submitted must be taken during the time frames of the respective competitions, namely:

    1. Between the official release of the theme and the submission date of the event.

    2. During the allotted time for the workshop competition.

  2. Photos submitted must not have been published before.

  3. Minor digital enhancements and corrections that do not distort the reality of the photograph are allowed for all categories of our competition.

  4. Competitors are allowed to participate in both categories.

  5. A photograph cannot be submitted for more than one competition category.

  6. Participants are not to submit photos that are not their own work.

  7. ​Participants must be a student in Singapore in a government,  independent or international school.

  8. Participants must be within the specified competition age bracket. Failure to comply, will result in disqualification.

  9. Storage formats accepted are CF/SD/MMC/XD/SM/MS for workshop photo submissions. Participants using other formats must supply their own relevant adaptors/drives, which are USB-compatible.

  10. Photos must be taken within Singapore.

  11. Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) and NYAA, hereby “The Organisers”, reserve the right to keep, publish and distribute the photos submitted for the SYPC. Due credit will be given to the photographer(s) if their work is used.

  12. Participants are not to alter their allocated workshop without receiving permission from the Organisers.

  13. Participants are liable for their own wellbeing, and the Organisers offer no guarantee of absolute safety, nor accept any duty to provide such.

  14. By participating in this event in any form, the participants agree that the Organisers shall not be held liable in any manner for any injuries, damages or other forms of negative affliction sustained during the course of the event, or during related activities.

  15. The Organisers reserve the right to change the terms, rules, regulations and criteria of the SYPC at any time.


Individual Category

  1. Participants must be a Singapore Citizen, a Permanent Resident or a foreign student currently studying and residing in Singapore. 

  2. Participants must be aged between 13 to 20 years old. 


Team category

  1. Teams should only consist of members of the same school. Teams with members of different schools will be disqualified. 

  2. Teams must submit exactly 6 photographs.

  3. Each team of 3 must compose of at least 2 Singapore Citizens. 

  4. Pictures must be taken on a DSLR, SLR or mirrorless camera.

  5. Due to regulations from Higashikawa, all team category participants must be aged between 15 to 19 years old. 

  6. The winning team must be accompanied by a teacher of their institution to Higashikawa, Japan. Should this criterion not be met, The Organisers reserve the right to award another group instead.


Judging Criteria 

Each submission, individual or team, will be judged independently by a panel of 3 judges, all of which are professionals in the photographic field, The criteria, as listed below are to aid the judges in selecting the winners. 


The judging criteria is as follows: 

1. Relevance of Theme (30%) 

The theme must be directly discernible from the set of photographs submitted. 


2. Creativity (30%) 

Interpretation of the theme as well as novel use of photographic techniques. 


3. Aesthetic Quality (20%) 

Aesthetic appeal of the photographs, including composition and the visual effect of the various techniques used. 


4. Technical Competence (20%) 

Usage of basic photographic techniques such as lighting and focusing in taking the photograph. 


An event organised by Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) Photographic Society

Supported by the National Youth Achievement Award

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