Join our workshops for a time of learning and fun, as talented youth photographers from across Singapore share with you their skills and tips to improving your photographs!

Date: Saturday, 9 March 2019.

*Please note the change in workshop timing.

Motion Blur 

Location: B3-01

Tired of taking “frozen shots” of your favorite subjects? Why not try a variation in technique to create “Motion Blur”?


Motion blur is used to portray motions and movements of the subject in a photograph by varying the shutter speed to see images that our naked eye can’t!


In this workshop, participants will learn about the essential equipment required, camera settings and compositional techniques to take a motion blur photograph. Participants should have basic knowledge of camera functions and bring along a tripod and remote trigger if they have one. If you’re intrigued in learning more about MotionBlur technique, join us!


Street Photography

Location: B3-02

"Do you always take school events photographs only? Would you like to try something different? Why not street photography which is an extension of the type of photographs that you take of school events?

Street photography is basically random pictures of people or things that happens on the street.


In this workshop, you will learn about the camera settings and compositional techniques that one can use to take photographs on the street. You will also learn about the do's and don'ts when taking these photos.


Participants must have basic knowledge of camera functions."


Monochrome Photography

Location: B3-03

Monochrome photography emphasises on contrast as it only shows hues of a single colour. An example is the vintage sepia photos back in the early generations where cameras are just invented. Different colours can represent different mood and emotions. Red can show anger and passion, while photos in black and white can show gloominess. For all the young photographers, monochrome is something one can do to emphasis the mood and remove distractions in the picture and it should be well known to photographers so as to be made use of. It also enables creative thinking as one can mix this mode with other photography techniques such as long exposure or freeze motion. It is important to learn about the monochrome photography learnt in the early generations of cameras.


Light Painting

Location: B3-06

For some of you out there, this is what a typical photo in most general techniques look like - grab a subject, capture it with composition and in focus. Are you sick and tired of it? Have you desired “new”? “Unique”? Then this workshop is for you! Through this workshop, you will learn the basics and fundamentals of light painting and how you can use different light sources to create abstract and artistic photos up to your pure imagination, through the use and experimentation of lights to create unique and unexpected photos! All you need is a tripod, a camera with a long exposure setting, a light source, and a creative mind and you're good to go! Sign up for light painting now!

(PS: Bring along a tripod, if you have one)


Basic DSLR 1

Location: B3-08

New to photography? This workshop will give you an introduction to the world of photography. You will get to learn more about the ideal camera settings to capture the best version of a picture. Join us for a fun session of discovering the art behind photography!


Nature Photography

Location: B3-09

Hello!! We are a group of MGS students that have come up with an AMAZING course to teach YOU about nature photography! Come join our course to learn about the different ways to take aesthetic pictures and portray the true beauty of Mother Nature. In our course, we will be covering the techniques to take pictures of nature as well as the different aspects of Nature photography! What are you waiting for? Come sign up for our course today!!


Basic DSLR 2

Location: C3-03

Hello! We are a team of Methodist Girls' School students comprising of Ianna, Vaibhavi, Xianting, Charlene, Megan and Abigail! We will be the trainers for 'Basic DSLR Handling'!


Have you ever wondered how to take those nice photographs with high resolutions you see on Photography websites like Unsplash and Flickr? Well here’s the perfect course for you!!! We’ve come up with a course to teach you more about how to use a DSLR Camera and the simple functions you can use to improve your photography skills almost instantly! There will be fun presentations, games and even a hands-on activity to try out the skills you will pick up!


So what are you waiting for? Come join our course today!


Creative Aperture

Location: C3-04

Come join us, unleash your inner creativity alongside us as we guide you along on creative aperture. What makes creative aperture more unique as compared to other types of photography is the ability to bring in amazing textures to the background of your photo with a sense of motion. Through our workshop,we hope that you’ll have a fruitful, fun-filled experience, learning this new skill and bring back an outstanding photo that you will proudly call your own. See you there!


Perspective Photography

Location: C3-05

Our workshop is on perspective photography. We will help further your understanding in photography as we teach you about how perspective can affect a photo. You will learn how to make your images more appealing to the your viewers as you attend this workshop.


Portrait Photography

Location: O-12

Portrait photography is one of the more creative forms of photography. A portrait can capture meaning through lighting, expression, backgrounds and props. These variables can dramatically change the mood of a photograph. Portrait photography captures the identity and mood of a person during a special moment. It is useful for catching those fleeting moments in life to express the emotions the subject is facing at that point in time. Portrait photography is a useful and creative skill to master as two people can take the same photo of the same person with two different moods and emotions shown. In this workshop, we will go over an overview of portrait photography and explore some tips and techniques to help participants master portrait photography.



Location: O-13

Macro Photography opens up a new perspective of the world. Most things captured in macro are not obvious to the eye and can more often than not, be looked over. However, if we take a moment to observe our surroundings in detail, there are many common things that we can capture that have the ability of producing interesting photos.


Landscape Photography

Location: C3-06

Landscape photography is the capturing of wide-angled photographs of scenery, usually natural and urban. It is one the oldest forms of photography and continues to be largely popular throughout the entire history of photography. Think of some of the most iconic photos in history, such as Ansel Adams shots of Yosemite, encapsulating the staggering natural beauty and essence of a location in its entirety at a particular point in time. In Landscapes, the location itself is the subject and focus of the photo, filling the entire frame with a wider-angled perspectives. In this aspect, the main challenge of landscape photography lies in the framing and composition itself. This course will teach you how to capture beautiful landscapes by considering the technical aspects of framing, composition and colour. Your trainers have several years of experience under their belts, capturing the most scenic landscapes all across the globe.

(PS: Bring along a tripod, if you have one)


Architecture and Travel

Location: C4-01

Fusing two popular photography genres that go hand in hand, the Architecture X Travel Workshop @SYPC2019 is bound to be a fun-filled and enriching experience! In 3.5Hrs, learn how to kickstart and improve your archi-travel photography, and acquire useful tips based on the trainers’ own experiences. Combined with a Practical & Photo Critique session, exchange your ideas with others in interactive discussions and try your hand out at your newfound skills. See you there!

(PS: Bring along travel pictures you snapped during the holidays)

An event organised by Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) Photographic Society

Supported by the National Youth Achievement Award

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