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Motion Blur

Deeudomwongsa Natan

Hello everybody, name’s Natan from KCPSS Photography Club. I find Nature, Streets and Motion Blur photography quite intriguing as we can add an additional layer of depth behind our pictures depending on how we execute it. Join me and my teammates as we will provide a guide on how to capture Motion Blur Photography in our workshop!

Joie Kong Ling Ci

My name is Joie Kong and I am a member of the KCPSS Photography Club. I am a 15-year-old athlete with interests in nature as well as sports photography. My goal in this aspect is to improve myself in the sense of photos I take and how I make it look appealing.

Razin Bin Zaidun

My name is Razin Bin Zaidun and I am part of KCPSS photography's club. I am 15 years of age and the genres of photography that I usually take and prefer are nature, urban and greyscale photography. I strive to achieve much more additional skills to help improve my photography skills.

Leong Ee Young, Zann

My name is Zann Leong. I usually take photographs of landscape and nature whenever I travel overseas or visit the Singapore zoo with my family. Personally, my favourite genre of photography is street and nature photography as street photography shows the everyday lifestyle of different people with different emotions while nature photography shows the beauty of natural wildlife, flowers, trees and plants.

Street Photography

Lor Le Bin, Isaac

Isaac Lor started his interest in photography and videography in 2015 and has been after adventures to interesting locations where he can immerse himself in the local culture. At the same time, he shares these experiences with the online community and has started his first few travel videos as well. In 2017, he picked photography and his focus has been on landscapes and urban surroundings. He strives to learn anything new about photography every day and hope to help others improve in their newfound interest too. Every photo has a story to tell, and he wants to share them with you.

Ling Min Rui Claris

Claris Ling is an extremely enthusiastic photographer who is eager to learn more photography skills and how to improve her photos. She strives to learn as many skills as she can so that she can apply them while she is taking photos. Why does she want to do that you may ask? Well, she simply just want to share and teach others what she had learnt, hoping they would have a more open mind about photography and find photography more interesting.

Trisha Ann Goh Hui Min

Trisha is fairly new to photography and always tries to bring out the best in the photos that she takes. She loves taking photos that show one’s true feelings. Trisha also enjoys learning new things and attempts to always incorporate the skills she has learnt in her photos.

Winnie Tan Wei Lin

Winnie Tan is a photographer who likes experimenting with different genres of photography. While she takes mostly school events photography, her favourite genre is nature photography. As a fan of it, she is constantly looking out for beauty within the flora and fauna and any moments to capture. Nature photography through the environment can also be associated with street photography. Join Winnie and her team, as she discovers things to photography along the way during the workshop.

Monochrome Photography

Ong Wei Yang Stephen

Stephen is a responsible leader and the vice chairman in the school’s Photography Club. He makes sure his peers participate in the CCA. Stephen can confidently make unregrettable decisions which result in the success of CCA work. He is very innovative with ideas to improve the club’s coverage such as games and activities. Stephen offers great help to the club as he volunteers to help out all the time, he is very expressive and is a good presenter. Stephen also likes taking photographs from different angles and perspectives to create a myriad of small details in his photos.

Wu Ruijie

Ruijie emphasises on getting the job done. People in the CCA is dependent on him to serve activity in the CCA. Ruijie makes the CCA a happy occasion for everyone. Ruijie is very caring for the members of the CCA and is willing to do tasks assigned to him. He finds joy in taking cool photographs with creative captions. Ruijie also likes macro and monochrome photography and can focus on small details of a photograph.

Lee Zi Yuan Fabian

Fabian is a photographer that is currently studying in Ngee Ann Secondary, his CCA is the Photography Club. He sometimes covers school events and takes pictures of Nature during CCA. He hopes that he and his members will be able to teach you some tips on Monochrome and at the end of the workshop you are able to take pictures like we all are in the past!

Haaris Bin Sulaiman

Haaris is friendly, approachable, laid back and he likes spicing things up. He  loves playing sports, especially Basketball and won’t mind accepting challenges. He really likes learning science and enjoys solving Math problems. He chose photography as his CCA as he wanted to explore the different types of photography out there as well as learn how to take amazing and breathtaking photos. He really enjoys taking photos of nature and often makes good use of  the ‘bokeh blur’ effect. Besides that, he also likes to take photos of people and have taken many photos of major school events. He is really looking forward to the Monochrome workshop where he hopes to give you a few good pointers so that you can be an amazing Monochrome photographer too!

Ryann Phua Xin Wen

Ryann is a passionate photographer. His veneration for photography galvanises him to snap photos on every holiday that he embarks on. His favourite type of photography is macro photography as he believes that the little things in life make life beautiful. Nonetheless, Ryann has other hobbies such as playing the piano and indulging in various classical songs such as Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 by Chopin. Join him on his latest escapade as he teaches students the art of Monochrome photography.

Light Painting

Lee Quan Jun Ervin

Hello! My name is Ervin, an avid photographer who loves to frame an everyday landscape and atmosphere into a photograph. Whilst I capture subjects laid in front of me in focus, I am always finding new ground to a new perspective and breaking borders of modern reality to form another new reality in my photos by turning my camera in unique directions. I express appreciation for general techniques such as landscape and street photography. At the same time, I love to explore and expose myself to more unique techniques that don’t necessarily have the composition and a single subject in focus. For myself, I have found and learnt more artistic and performance techniques such as light painting and long exposure photography. Join me in my workshop, and I will show you that with your own pure imagination and creativity in light painting, your photos are far beyond abstract and visually pleasing.

Reza Aulia Tossin

Reza is a photographer who enjoys taking natural phenomena and amazing landscapes. He also has a flair for monochrome photography of still life objects and monochromatic portraits. He gets his inspiration from his brother, who often became a model of his portrait photography. He likes to edit photos using the website Pixlr in order to enhance the vividness or change the colours of the photos during his free time.

Andre Ghazi Ul Haq Bin Mohamed Iskandar

Andre Ghazi is a 14-year-old photographer and videographer from Anglo-Chinese School. Having been interested in photography and videography since his tender age and being in a Digital Media CCA in both Primary and Secondary School, he enjoys capturing portraiture, lifestyle, and nature photography. Expressing emotion in monochrome images while contrasting warm vibrant tones, he captures a photograph that captures eyes in an instant. Andre can lend you a fresh look into photography.

Dylan Cheng

Dylan is a photographer who enjoys casual and relaxing photography whilst capturing the memories of the lives of him and his family. He strongly feels that photos should beautifully encapsulate the memories of people and that a single picture can truly paint a thousand words. He enjoys taking photos as simple as possible with zero editing to capture the purity of a photo. His main inspiration for photography is none other than his Dad.  

Allan Kok Song Yeong

Allan is a photographer who expresses appreciation towards nature and landscape photography. He has a particular interest in videography and filming and feels that videos and photos can bring lots of meaning, memories, and stories to one when seen. He likes experimenting with different things and trying to create unique photos.

Basic DSLR 

Charlene Chong Yu Shuen

My name is Charlene Chong Yu Shuen and I am from Methodist Girls’ School. I really hope this event would allow me to share my love for this artform and influence others to feel the same about photography.

Huang Xianting

I am Xianting and I enjoy photography. I like to take pictures because it helps me see the world from different angles and perspectives. I want to introduce others to photography as I think it will bring fun to their lives. I hope that through this session, not only can I teach others about photography, I can also improve on my own skills.

Low Jia Ai Abigail

Hello! I'm Abigail, a Year 4 student from MGS. I enjoy photography and hanging out with my friends, and am really excited to be able to be a trainer for the Basics of DSLR workshop!

Manjarekar Vaibhavi Rajesh

Hey! I am Vaibhavi from MGS and am a trainer for the workshop. I have been Photography as a CCA since primary school and am very keen on the subject. Although it may look simple on the surface taking a striking photo really requires experience and skill, which is why I am eager to continue being in Photography, in order to enhance my skills. I like photography as it is a unique platform for me to express myself as it is a form of art. Photography is also a recreational hobby for me and I enjoy taking photos in my leisure time. I am extremely enthusiastic about being a trainer as I wish to not only improve my own skills but spark other's interest in photography as well. Hope to see you there!

Wong Ying Loke Ianna

I have been interested in photography since the age of 12, andI joined photography CCA a year ago. Some of my favourite types of photography include portrait photography/portraiture and candid photography. Besides taking pictures, I also enjoy traveling and playing various musical instruments.

Yeo Kyi Hui Megan

Hi! I'm Megan and the President Of the Photography Club in Methodist Girls' School! I'm so honoured and excited to be a trainer and train fellow and aspiring photographers! I will be one of the trainers for 'Basic DSLR Handling' and I look forward to meeting all of you whom are interested! See you there!

Siti Azulia Shabarna Bte Mohamed Noor, Nurul Aliyah Idil, Wong Chung Xuan, Puventhan S/O Segar, Vashanghari, Muhammad Haziq Bin Abdullah

Hi, we are Siti, Aliyah, Haziq, Puven, Chung Xuan and Vashanghari from Yishun Town Photography Club! Having a common passion for photography has brought us together and we are constantly improving our skills by experimenting with different types of photography. We enjoy taking photos as we get to capture fond memories and it is also a way of expressing ourselves.


Joash Lee Kai Le

Hi, I'm Joash! I picked up my first DSLR camera when I was 11 and it was not long after that it got my interest peaked and I discovered my passion for photography. You may know me for my contrasting orange and blue tones frequently found in my photos, captivating my audience and emulating emotions that are synonymous with the mind. I specialise in portraiture and events, but love shooting architecture and cityscapes during my free time too!

Joshua Rusly Chai Ting Hong

Hi, my name is Joshua. I have had a keen interest in photography since a very young age and I had the privilege of having access to a camera since then. However, I began to take photography more seriously 3 years back, where it became something that I took a strong liking towards. I take particular interest in taking photos of people as I love to capture images that convey emotions. I also enjoy event photography, as it gives me a dynamic platform to hone my craft. I derive a sense of satisfaction from capturing fleeting moments that last only several seconds.

Portrait Photography

Sivesh Sivaganesh

Sivesh Sivaganesh is a relative newcomer to the art of photography. He is constantly learning and will never turn down the challenge of a new genre of photography. He is always looking for different ways to capture the emotions of his subjects. Join him in his journey as he attempts to showcase various techniques and skills needed for a stunning portrait.

Macro Photography

Bonotan Faith Ann Biton

Faith is an aspiring photographer who has taken an interest in macro photography. She constantly thinks of ways to get better angles and strives for a good composition that will entrance her viewers. Being relatively new in the scene, she is constantly exploring and discovering different ways to use different aspects of the camera. Join her, as she attempts to unveil the fundamental techniques and skills needed to capture the perfect macro shot.

Nature Photography

Chen Gi Zen Gisele

Hello! My name is Gisele and I am from MGS. I am in Year 2 this year and my hobbies are baking and photography, which is why my CCA is photography. I like photography because it captures moments that not everyone sees, and freezes time in a frame we can keep forever. I chose to be a trainer for nature photography as it gives me an opportunity to look at flora and fauna close up and appreciate how complex and beautiful nature is.

Eleanor Lee Wen Qi

helluu !!

I am Eleanor, a sec 3 photographer of mgs secondary.

I have been taking photos for many years and one of my favourite category to photograph is nature. I hope to be able to spread my appreciation of mother nature's work to everyone :)

Lim Jia Qi Estelle

helloo! My name is Estelle and I'm one of the trainers for Nature Photography! Taking pictures of animals is a type of photography style which I enjoy doing during my free time. One of the reasons is because I am able to take pictures of Mother Nature through my camera lens :)

Quek Kai En Natasha

My passion for photography started when I was desperate for a CCA, but it grew into a genuine enjoyment of the activity over the 3 years. I’m an extremely insecure and shy person, but I’ve decided to step out of my comfort zone to be a trainer. I’m fifteen this year and enjoy sort of old and indie music, I secretly like physical education, and I think I like my friends more than they like me. I could probably write something better if I didn’t do it so last minute, but working under pressure is a great way to be productive and stressed.

Yuhanna M. Isham

Hi! My name is Yuhanna, and I've had a passion for photography since the age of 10. I joined the photography CCA in my school 3 years ago ( which I absolutely enjoy ;)). Some of my favourite types of photography include ( but are not limited to! ) macro, drone, nature and people photography. I also do love sharing my knowledge with others and hope to guide you well! :)

Chassa Lee Si

Hello! My name is Chassa from MGS. I am a member from the Photography Club, and  I like taking pictures of birds and animals in general. I’m really looking forward to this event!

Creative Aperture

Helene Ho, Chloe Chong, Sarah Kelly Tan Le-En, Cleo Pan Teng Li

Hello! We are Helene Ho, Cleo Pan, Sarah Tan and Chloe Chong from PLMGSS who are ardent photographers. We love experiencing and learning new techniques and skills, which is what photography allows us to do. One of our favourite types of photography is Creative Aperture and we hope to guide you as you explore and learn the fundamentals of this special and abstract photography type!

Perspective Photography

Tan Hui Li Micah

I am from paya lebar methodist girls school (sec) ‘s photography club. I have a passion for taking pictures as well as exploring deeper into the world of arts. I enjoy having fun while taking photos, by using toys to make a story. I enjoy to take picture using leading lines as well as play around with the perspective as I see life in another perspective. Photography is another form of art that i love to do as i can capture precious moments and bring out the beauty of life in them.

Azra Shahana

I am Azra and im from Paya Lebar Methodist Girls Secondary School. I have been in photography for about 1 and a half year. I enjoy macro photography As I feel like in macro photography we can capture even the little things that we fail to see with our eyes,which makes me appreciate the little things in life. The caused my passion for photography came as in life we see many unforgettable things and photography is something that enhances the beauty in things which tells me the significance of it  which I really like.

Amrita Kaur Amarjit Singh

My name is Amrita & im from Paya Lebar Methodist Girls Secondary School. I joined photography club because i wanted to learn to take better pictures & explore more about photography. I have gotten better over the years & i can capture precious moments and bring out the true beauty of the photos.

Tan Chun Yan

I am from Paya Lebar Methodist Girl’s School (Secondary)’s photography club. Photography to me is about putting your memories into a visual form for everyone including yourself to it. Personally, I enjoy macro photography as it lets me see the world in another perspective as a smaller being.



Lo Chung Ean

Lo Chung Ean is the Head Trainer of the Anglo-Chinese School (independent) Photographic Society. Having picked up his passion for photography from his grandfather at the age of 8, he has relentlessly pursued this passion over the past 10 years in a wide variety of photography styles. Having ample experience in conducting lessons and trainings to prepare his club for competitions such as Canon Photomarathon, join him as he teaches the technical and practical aspects of composing a perfect landscape photo.

Bryan Peh Ce-Jie

Bryan Peh currently serves as the President of the ACPhotographic society and has been practicing the art of photography intensely for the past 6 years. After countless hours of experimenting the different genres of photography, he has narrowed his area of photography which he finds the most interesting: Landscape. Being one who has a great experience with this genre, join him as he attempts to impart his skills and knowledge on the ways to capture the perfect landscape photo.

Architecture & Travel

Derek Chong Kiat (Zhang Jie)

Hi! Im Derek & I’m turning 16 this year! I have been capturing moments since 2016 and since then, I’ve developed a deep interest in photography. My favourite genres of photography is Portraits & Street. Why? Capturing expressions and emotions of individuals in my opinion is what makes a photo impactful. I enjoy capturing the daily life of people from all backgrounds & learn more about their way of life. Currently, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone & trying out Long Exposure! I’m looking forward to seeing yáll this SYPC!

Amanda Siow Wei Hua

Amanda picked up photography a few years back as a creative endeavour; a hobby where she attempts to reimagine the world around her. Not limited to any particular style or genre, Amanda is a casual photographer who tries to test her creative boundaries every time she takes a photo, always trying out new techniques and perspectives. To her, personality and emotion is what makes a photo captivating. Using photography as a documentation process, she finds particular interest in shooting nature and people.

An event organised by Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) Photographic Society

Supported by the National Youth Achievement Award

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